CryptoCurrency Exchange Platform

We took our place in the CryptoCurrency markets, which is the rising market of the world.

The features of our exchange CryptoCurrency platform are listed below.

  • If the customer will receive CryptoCurrency , we makes funding as Euro / Dollar. (We can integrate with the desired payment system and bank)
  • The customer can transfer money from his wallet anywhere in the world to us on his wallet.
  • Incoming and outbound transfers are subject to approval. Operations where approval is not given or above certain limits may be subject to approval.
  • With the cash or crypto money sent, you can buy and sell other crypto currencies in the system. (Exchange)
  • Agreed institutions (FX, E-Commerce, Shop, Market, etc ..) from all businesses such as your wallet can shop through.

In addition, we can provide customized software to our customers.


For further information please contact us.