Products Forex Campaign Module

In the forex campaign module, customers can choose product or transfer their points in value of transactions. How the system works;

Create a campaign with related department.

Symbols are bringing together as a group. For example;
At the next step, graphic of campaign (iphone etc.) uploaded into the system, typing n note, how many lot needed to made in which group.

Customer groups can be set for take advantage of campaign.

Periodical campaign day will be set (For example; last 5 days of each month). If there are outstanding points, transfer will be done (in percentage). Gift option can be selected. Single or multiple selection are available.

When the campaign added, it can be seen in the customer panel. Customers can make selection with earning points every last 5 days of the months. A customer can make multiple selections if their points are available to do or continue with a single selection.

If the customers want to transfer their points into the next period, minus amount will be set as a percentage and transferred through next month.

If the customer is not belongs to a customer campaign group, customer representative approve need it for joining campaign list ove the web panel

Detailed report of campaign will be prepared while report menus.