Bank Check

Bank transfer software. When customers funding into the bank account with related apis, this is provide recognition in meta system automatically.

How the system works: First of following fields chosen from web panel.
Account number
Controlling frequency of account – minute / control
Bank password and token information
Account type TL/Dollar

Exchange Rate: There are three options.
1. Metatrader TL expense exchange to dollar with cross exchange rates.
2. Metatrader TL expense exchange to dollar with cross exchange rates also adding pips
3. Metatrader TL expense exchnage to dollar by manually.

At the same time, different methods can be chosen bu hours. For example; Add 20 pips over Meta exchange rate between 00:00 – 08:00.

Don’t allow over XXXX amount of transactions or send a notification by mail. As you see in the example, you can set unlimited alarms.

Over XXXX amount of transactions needed to approve. Can’t log in unless approving.

If explanation field is insufficient for transactions in receiving fundings from bank, send a mail to persons.

When integration occurs into accounting system, accounting bills and etc. documents reports.

Also there are some reports for transaction approves or undefined transactions.

In the explanation field, TC ID – Phone – Account Number – Name Surname etc. can be controlled with cross check in this is requested.

When the customer send money into Forex account, an information SMS and e-mail sent to customer.

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