HCT CRM V2 is a software that enables organizations to manage their orders, proposals, proforma invoices and projects.

Advantages of the system: You can review all the information with a single page with special widgets on the homepage. You can send offers to your customers quickly. You can track whether your submitted offer has been reviewed. The Customer may accept the Offer or initiate a discussion. You can convert the accepted bid to Invoice with 1 key. It's easy to create detailed reports instantly! You can reach from anywhere with our software that works compatible with phone and tablet. You can manage your employees with a single click.

You can design your projects.

From the Customer Panel, your customers can view their own fields and report their past invoices and projects.

Customer can create a Support request in the panel. You can view the bills balance sheets. Follow projects and assign tasks.


Basic features of the software;

  1. Home page
  2. Things to do
  3. Completed Works
  4. Customer Card
  5. Product entry
  6. priced description
  7. User Panel
  8. Customer Panel
  9. Email control
  10. Campaign Module
  11. Invoice
  12. Pro forma
  13. Bid
  14. Payments
  15. Credits
  16. expenses
  17. Tasks
  18. Support
  19. Potential Customers
  20. Customer Information Center
  21. Reporting
  22. Email Reminders
  23. Different Language Options
  24. Activity
  25. Interdepartmental documents and ideas sharing
  26. Announcement
  27. Export for all reports / lists (csv, excel, pdf or direct print)
  28. Importing data in csv format for customer and prospective customer
  29. Ability to accept offer, contract with digital signature for customers
  30. Invoice merge
  31. Create recurring invoices