Meta Reporter

This is a product which helps to analyze logs on Meta Trader system. Main futures of this product are:

Number of Order Transmission,

Speed of Order Transmission,

Customer enteries and connection method (Iphone, Android, Client, Multi Terminal),

Employee enteries,

LP Order Execution time,

Average of customers’ ping,

Customer connection methods and Best/Worst ping rates,

Number and average of Buy-Sell,

Additionally, below reportings are availbale. All reports can be selected by time range via system.

Customer Entry Report: Which customer logged in via which ip address, with using which connection method. Ping time when customer logged in.

Employee Entry Report: Which employee logged in to the system via which  ip address and when.

Employee IP Entry Control: Lists the name of the users who enter via same ip address with multiple user names.

Customer IP Entry Control : Identifies customers who enter to the system via same ip

Order Report: Identifies any order on Meta system entered by whom, when, on which ip address, when this order received in Bridge system, when realized on LP and order transmission timings.

Restore Order Report: Identifies if the positions which customers closed, have been reopened. If yes which user, via which ip address and when did this.

Symbol Execute Report: Identifies transmission speed, processing speed average times

One Click Report: Identifies customer details and occurrence time who open and close one click function.

Group Change Report: Which employee makes the changes on which customer group.

Generated Reports: Which employee creates which report and with which time frame.

Journal Report: Identifies which employee viewed which customer’s journal files.

System is integrated with Meta, reports are extensible if desired.