Openning An Account Process

Agent Process
Agent click send button after sales process finished.
Information of related customer send through department of communication. Stuff in the communication department prints 2 documents while using print button. One copy of this includes customer address information, other prepared as a barcode.

Communication Process
Stuff in communication department paste address sticker to shipped package and paste barcode sticker over the contract.

If there is contract with shipping company, shipping process can be tracked via online and all these process will be noticed to customer representative. (Cargo delivered – customer not found etc.)

When the contract came to your company headquarter, barcode will be scanned. Related customer representative will be noticed. Stuff of communication department scans the contract transfer the data in to the system. After all these contract will be transferred to inspection department.

Inspection process
Authorized personnel in the inspection department analyses the contract with Process Tracking Software. If there is no problem with contract, personnel approves. If there is a drawback or missing document, contract can be refused with selection of related reason. If the contract refused, reason will be sent to customer representative. If the request approved, operation process will starts.

Operation Process
Approved contracts are transferred to operation department screen. Operation department stuff enters customer data (Address, phone, branch, agent, meta group etc. 60 more parameter can be set). After operation department finish these, opening account process will be started as explained below.

Local automation software creates an account (GTP, IDB, GENDEX etc.). Customer lot and online branch passwords sent with SMS in SPK norms.

Automatic account can be created at the settlement and custody bank.

Account created automatically at the Metatrader system and passwords sent to customers via SMS or E-mail securely.

When opening account process done, customer representative will be noticed over the system.

Every day, a list will be organized for opened accounts as below and submitted to GM signature.

Authorized personnel who signed the contract can analyze contracts via software.

Also a sign part will be created for each customer. In this way signs can be compared for next requests via system.

System Benefits

Contracts will be corporeally secure.

Unauthorized personnel can not see customer information.

Sign controlling process can be done very quickly because of customer signs scanned.

Contract history can be seen easiliy. For example; If you want to learn which agent send related contract, system can shows this easily.

Number of shipping information of agents can be reported.

All contracts can be backed up by the system.

Using single system gives you opening account quickly, easily and safely,

Shipping details of contracts can be tracked via online.

When the customer cargo is shipped, agent and customer notification is provided.

By this human errors will be eliminated such as address and customer details entry each time, etc…