Seo Consultancy

Increasing efficiency of internet searches and bringing web page through higher lines is simply Seo consultancy. During the Seo Consultancy, competitors and sector will be analyzed and compared continuously. Shortcomings of the web page will be determined and solved it.

Monthly Seo Consultancy

A periodical study will be made after finish status of sector, competitors and web page. Seo efficiency will be reported at the end of the month. In light of these reports, make a new plan or tactics can be planned for increase Seo.

Target Oriented Sea Consultancy

In this type of consultancy, Process management will be determined with tangible targets. Points of consider in this type of consultancy is what is status of web page, target and competition level.

Mostly we choose to reach target one ore a few keyword instead of general optimisation in target based seo consultancy. There are not anymore company which is able to give this consultancy because of warranty and hard working conditions. Criteria of success is tangible. In this case,responsibility of Seo experts getting bigger day by day.