Forex CRM

Our Forex CRM is fully developed with our stuff. Our CRM software is able to integrated with Metatrader, phone central, automatic control systems and etc.

Create a customer account via FOREX CRM, Changing customer metatrader password via CRM and update customer group. Assigning of Meta Manager is not needed to personel who is out of trading room. Get rid of complexity of Metatrader system.

General: The system has been designed for headquarter, district office, branches and agent construction. Each user can see customer details in own authorisition. Als HCT CRM has four different types of authorisation stage. All, district, branch and own.


You can see modules and details of our CRM Software.



Home Page: Home page works with widgets. Each user can see widgets and customer details in his/her authorisation. There are more than 100 widgets which includes graphical widgets. All widgets designed to get datas every 10 seconds. You don’t need to refresh the page for viewing new datas. A few examples for widgets.

Top 10 Agent: It shows highest added agent by customers between selected dates. Field as a customer – Account number – Agent volume

Equity: User can see total equity as a transiently with user authorisation.

İ.Y.M.S: How many customer take action between selected dates.

Deposit: When the customer funding be transferred, it displays on the system at the same time.

Withdraw: When the withdraw come true, it can saw on the system.

Net Deposit: Withdraw in-out can see between selected dates.

First Deposit: It shows total amount of how many customer made first deposit between selected dates.

Mc list: It shows margin call list.

Temsilci Agent Lot: It shows lot and agent quantity on the basis of agent.

Win Close Order, Open Order, Loss Close Order and Lost Open Order shows instantaneous profit values.

Summary: Is is same of meta trader summary screen. When you click to symbols, each symbols shows how many customer has vacant position, avarage prices and customer nargin and euqity levels as a instantaneous.

Last Trade: Last transaction on the Metatrader system. It occurs from last opened position, last closed position and customer details.

Call History: It shows last calls and calling times of agents and call quantities. Also it shows last 100 call times and missed calls in basis of customers.

Customer Card: It shows general customer details.

At the customer information, there is a customer summaries in all times.

Financial summary of customers, Open positions, Consolidated open position, Deposit, Calls, Mail and SMS able to saw at the third tab.

At the same time, you can see customer notes at the last tab.

Customer flow: Customers can upload their customers into HCT Forex CRM via Landing page or Excel files. If aplicant made on the Landing page, transaction shows in the lead screen and authorised personnel transfer this to customer representatives.  When the customer representatives make a note for related person, related person transfer into the customer list. Lead screen can be listed as a agent, campaign or savings.

For example, They return Demo Account users between two dates. Screen of filtration is below.

Searched customer information can seen at the filters tab as a summary.

Customer statue adjusted last entered notes.For example, if last note of the customer is in the “Open Account Chase” customer notes seen in related category. If you enter a note into Resulted category for same customer, that customer delisting “Open Account Chase”.

Process Monitoring Report: This report has been prepared for tracking cargo. In this section, you are able to see shipped cargo and received cargo details.

Also you can check account creating time (after shipping completed) or goods in shipping etc.

SMS and E-mail Newsletters: You can prepare SMS and e-mail newsletters. Created newsletters could be sent as a customer choice.

Bulk SMS and E-mail Module: In this module you can choose e-mail template or e-mail list. Provision can be chosen later if it is necessary. Provision can be chosen as a Equity, Balance, Free Margin, Margin, Open position, Close position. After this selection, a value can be set for provision. There are six simple variable in this menu. If a simple variable set while creating e-mail template, entered values provide to send E-mail /SMS  according variables.

Creating E-mail template:
E-mail newsletter can be created as a plain text or html. There are some described variables for this templates. These variables are;
Customer Name Surname – Customer E-mail – Agent Name – Account number – Agent Phone – Customer Phone – Agent E-mail – Demo link (for download demo version) – Logo – Non-tracker Logo (A special code installed in standard Logo to retain customer e-mails have been read or not). There are six simple variables as a Equity – Balance – Margin Call – Margin – Free Margin – Symbol – Volume – Swap – Open Price – Open Time – Close Price. These variables can be increased.

Note Group: Unlimited note group can be created.

Note Type: Unlimited note type can be created via system. Color determined for each note.

Advertisement report: This report gives how many customer join the system from which referer, value of deposit and account opening time.

Return Requests: Return options can selected from customer ID in based on the agreement.
Related customer representative enters return request into the system. Authorized personnel.
After approving of authorized personnel, return amount can reduced from agent account.

Customer Transactions: Customer open and close positions, TP levels can be reported as a order base or groups. Also the report can seen as a summary in the screenshot below.

Deposit Report: Shows funding amount of customers between selected dates and can be reported in agent and saving criteria. Also the report can seen as a summary in the screenshot below.

Call Records Report: In this report, calling times can be recorded between agent and customers. On demand, it is integrated to voice record systems and listening to records over HCT Forex CRM.

All reports have flexibility on system. Reports can be changed or new reports can be created only in condition of not ruin base data of HTC Forex CRM.