LP Cross Check

Forex  Cross- Check application provides to manage all transactions and positions on  MEtaTrader, Bridge and LP platforms  in one platform.

As seen on below example screen, positions on LPs and MetaTrader are monitored in real time,

Benefits of the system:

If all transactions is being done on STP there must be no open position on this screen, otherwise systemic problems may occur. A customer transaction entered via MetaTrader may skipped Bridge or transaction may not be confirmed by LP. By this monitoring screen you can interfere the issue instantly.

If more than one LP is used and aggregation is done LPs may have (+) and (-) open positions eventhough customers have no position. In this case un neccessary swap costs may happen. In such case you can close all those open positions if needed by using Forex Cross-Check

In case of B_Book is done Net Open Position shows your B-Booked position instantly. Thus Risk Management can be done on your B-Book positions. Continuous position calculation by separate logins lead to mistakes, time waste and position losses on existing systems

Customer & LP Transactions matching is problematic and troublesome situation at brokerage firms doing Forex transaction. It is well known fact,  especially in case of open positions are not matching at BackOffice and differences are found hours of labor may have been wasted to identify source of the mistake

Because customer transaction equivalency on LP is known, any report can be easily received on Forex Cross-Check. Any deficit in Backofis can be identified instantly with which transaction caused information.

If wanted all positions can be monitored and reported from Backoffice by customer and LP transactions online transfer. In this structure high cost procedures are eliminated such manual file transfer, daily controls, difference identification and correction.

Also, because customer and LP transactions are matched how much spread income received can be reported instantly in customer or transaction base.

Reporting Module:

Because Forex Cross Check application has capability to combine Bridge, LP, MetaTrader and Backoffice datas in one place, any requested report can be received. Rejected orders, Order Transmission timings, Spread incomes, Order not transmistted cases, graphical statistics and other numerous reports asked by customer are available on Forex Cross Check reporting module

Similarly, in requested cases by defining alerts 5×24 hours system monitoring can be provided. For example in cases of being failover, error in time sync, Data Feed Time Out or Connection is lost, an anormal change on costs, big volume transaction entry, an error on end of the day transactions sms or e-mail alerts can be defined.